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by Chad Singleton | Moonlight Shadow


by Lauren Reep | Breaking Doors

~ A wonderful gift all can enjoy, music, food, fun & friends~

– David Reep



Visual Art Shows



Stars for Saskatchewan




Christmas Cantata

Two Amazing performers on one bill!!

Thank you for coming out and supporting these shows! They were fabulous!

– Chad Singleton



Top 5 Best Guitar Brands

If you are a guitarist or aspiring to become one, you would always want to buy yourself a good guitar. Only good quality instruments can be tuned according to your needs and that is why we press that you buy only the ones that come in good quality. Also, when you talk about instruments, with prices comes good quality, and it is always worth the money that you spend. In case if you are wondering which the best brand is, we are here to help you out. Below-listed is the top 5 guitar brands that are worth your money. Have a look at it.


Of course, if you are too much into Guitars, you will probably know that we are talking about Epiphone. Epiphone was once the toughest competitor of Gibson, and for the same reason, it is being taken over by Gibson now. Most of the guitars owned by these brands are listed under the limited edition, and that is why you are expected to break your wallet to own one of their guitars for yourself. But as we stated earlier, with price comes quality.


If you are into the metal genre of music and want your guitars to sound the same, then Dean will have to be the best choice in the market. Apart from the quality music that it can produce, they also look stylish, and that is the best thing about owning a Dean guitar. There are several variants in the same brand, and thereby you can buy them doubtlessly. Unlike the other brands that strictly let their guitars stick to a genre, with Dean you can play them as substitutes for blues, country music and even acoustics. That is why it is worth your money.


Fender is a brand that belongs to the US musical market, and it is also one of the widely known brands just like Epiphone. The goodwill that it has earned in the market is one reason why people are ready to invest in Fender. They are in the market for more than 60 years, and they still haven’t lost the pride that they own. They are made of quality wood, and in most cases, it is either rosewood or maple. So the guitar stays longer than you can imagine.



Irrespective of whether you are in the music industry or not, this brand Yamaha needs no introduction. Yamaha is quite a renowned brand, and people love the guitar for both the looks and the performance. It is a great acoustic guitar that fits for both beginners and next level players. There are also great features that make it important for people who are professionally in the field.

Daisy Rock:

Doesn’t the name sound a little girly? That is why Daisy Rock is made for girls, and it is designed in such a way that it is easy for them to master the instrument. So if you are a woman and you are aspiring to learn the guitar, then you might definitely have to pull the strings of Daisy Rock. We are sure you will love it.

Simple Steps To Learn The Guitar All By Yourself!

You need not have to be a maestro to learn the guitar overnight. In fact, even without basic skills you can learn them gradually and go to the extent of playing it great. But is that actually as easy as the way it sounds? You wouldn’t trust if we said that it is much easier than that. All you need to have is interest and few tips to back that up. With no further delay, let us get to the list of things that you will have to remember to become a guitarist.

It is all about the time and not talent:

There is nothing great when you are already into a musical family and become a guitarist. Music runs into your blood, and there is nothing great. But do you think that guitarists who have reached a great position today had a musical background? The answer is a straight ‘no’. If there is one thing that you need apart from interest is quality time to practice. You might not even be a technically sound person, but some similar people have learnt it in less than 10 hours. Surprised? No, you shouldn’t be.

Start with the technical issues:

Now that you have decided to get yourself acquainted with the guitar, you will have to look at the technical aspect. It is not like you begin to learn by playing a song. First, you will have to learn how to handle the guitar technically. You will have to know the parts and their roles on the musical piece that you play. This is the first step in learning a guitar.

Learn to hold and tune it:


Unless you learn to hold the guitar the right way and tune it, you will always play it the wrong way. Guitarists often associate the structure of a guitar to a woman. Touch it with love, and you will learn how to hold it. The next step will be to tune the guitar. You would have often seen players during this act before they start a new song. This is because songs are unique and they have their own feel. That is why you will have to tune the instrument before you get to play. You might initially find it hard, but gradually as you keep practising, you will see things automatically falling into place.

Learn to use the chord first:

Out of all the things in a guitar, the first thing that you have to learn to use is the chord. There are 4 chords that you will be using. They are the D-chord, C-chord, G-chord and E-minor chord. You will see a set of strings attached to the guitar. Holding those strings in different combinations will help you get the chords perfectly. This, in fact, is the only thing that you have to know to qualify yourself as a guitarist.